Secure Waterproofing Ltd. has a set of comprehensive services so that you can implement an all-in-one strategy without the need for any maintenance over a long time.

  • Exterior Waterproofing: Whenever the external forces of nature such as the water would seep-in the property, it would come from the exteriors. That is is why it is important to seal off the exteriors so that no internal dampness builds up that in turn become breeding grounds for mold.
  • Interior Waterproofing: It is not only important to secure the exteriors but the interiors too. Be it the basement or the overall interior, saving it is our one big priority.

What goes into exterior waterproofing?

  • Partially working around the foundation: Though a bit expensive, this method is quite effective if your property is vulnerable to heavy rains or floods. When talking in the long run, this one method can help save the day.
  • Implementing options such as hydrostatic mastic: In this method, a rubberized sheet is applied to the property‚Äôs exterior so that the cracks get covered, and no water can seep in.
  • Installing a new drainage system: In case the existing drainage system fails to work, or there is no drainage system installed, getting it installed would be a great choice.

What goes into interior waterproofing?

  • Sump Pump System: Installing a sump pump system in your basement is an important task to block out extra water that may be dampening your property. The pump draws out water from the water collected in the sump and diverts it to the drainage system.
  • Interior Drain Tile: The basements usually show signs of dampness when the pressure under the basements builds up and extend the threshold. An interior drain tile installation help in lessening the pressure and once installed would last a lifetime.